Abstract Submissions:

Please include the following information in your abstract:

1)  Title of the Presentation,

2) Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the presenter(s): (First name followed by surname (e.g., Annamaria Pinter).

3) 300-350 words providing the reader with the answers to the following questions:

            a. Why is it significant, important, of interest? (by telling readers what the paper is            about and why they should read it?

            b. Is the language clear and well written in terms of language, grammar, etc.?

            c. Does the abstract title describe the subject matter of the presentation?

            d. Does the abstract state how the research was/is being undertaken?

            e. Does the abstract indicate the value of the findings?

            f. Does the abstract describe the work to be discussed in the paper?

            g. Does the abstract give a concise summary of the findings?

            h. Does the abstract have keywords or phrases that closely reflect the content of the           paper?

4) Name of contact person and his/her e-mail address

Please note that the abstracts are only used for (a) preparing the conference program, (b) informing the chair of the session and (c) publishing it in the abstract book after the conference; it does not affect the acceptance decision for presentation. Acceptance of an abstract does not, by any means, guarantee publication of the entire paper (see publication policy below). In many cases, the committee might ask for the entire paper before they evaluate a proposal for presentation at a conference, especially in the case of young researchers, such as graduate students. All submissions go through a blind review process. Due to the large number of abstracts we receive, we do not supply reviewers’ comments on their decision (acceptance or rejection). For the papers that are considered for publication, we do provide reviewers’ comments to the authors.

Participants will be informed right after the evaluation of reviewers and notification of selection will be sent via e-mail to the first presenter.