Acceptance and Publication Policies

Vision: CUELT’s vision is to provide opportunities for language researchers, curriculum developers, materials writers and classroom teachers to come together and discuss the latest innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning.

CUELT Conferences have become worldwide and well-attended ELT events in Turkey.   CUELT Conferences are 100% international, and therefore, make effort to have academics and researchers from as many countries as possible. CUELT-2018 had a great number of concurrent sessions (about 150 presentations from 90 international and national presenters) selected from the largest number of proposals ever received.

CUELT Conferences is a ‘nonprofit-nongovernment’ association of Academics and Researchers working at different national and international universities. We have an Executive Committee for the policy decision.

CUELT produces two publications related to the conference presentations:

(1) it publishes an abstract book with an ISBN number which is uploaded to our website ( immediately after the conference.

(2) it also publishes selected papers in International Journal of Language Academy (IJLA- ), with a DOI number. Those who want to publish their articles in  IJLA should register as a new member and then upload their papers to the system. While uploading, the author should inform the journal that the "content of the article was presented at CUELT 2019 Conference".  The review process starts as soon as the final paper is submitted, and only after the author has provided formal declaration of consent for the publication. IJLA has a long list of referees from various universities. The publication decision depends on the outcome of the standard blind-peer review process, in the context of which the manuscripts are evaluated in terms of standard academic criteria of scholarly research. Despite reviewers' acceptance, the actual decision to accept or reject a paper rests with the editor. After the successful completion of the review process, selected papers are published in an online version of IJLA after a few months of the conference. There is deadline for submitting a paper; please follow the announcement in the web site of the conference and abstract book.

The review process is based on  (a) Statement of the Problem (b) Theoretical Background, (c) Research Design & Methodology, (d)Review of the Relevant Literature, (d)Significance of Themes, (e)Relevance of Themes, (f)Clarity of the Language, (g)Quality of Analysis (h) Quality of Discussion of the findings  (h) Clarity of Conclusions.